Auto, Home, and Umbrella Insurance

Auto, Home, and Umbrella Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Unland Takes Care of You and Your Vehicle

Carrying auto insurance on your vehicle isn’t only the smart thing to do, it’s the law in Illinois. And just like the numerous bells and whistles, you can have added to your vehicle, you also have a lot of insurance coverage options. From sleek new sports cars to hand-me-down budget vehicles, Unland will help you compare options and provide you with customized coverage that fits your specific situation and budget.

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What Are My Options For Auto Insurance Coverage?

Choosing a low premium isn’t necessarily the best option for you. Sure, we all want to save money on our auto insurance, but you also have to weigh how much you can afford to pay out of your own pocket should an accident happen. Here some of the different coverage options you can have for your plan.

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Coverage
    Most states require you carry a set minimum level of liability insuranceon your vehicle. In the event of accident, liability coverage pays for bodily injury and property damages to others for which you are legally responsible. It also covers legal expenses should the other person(s) take you to court. Some additional examples of what bodily injury liability insurance can cover include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages up to the amount stated in your policy. Property damage liability covers damage to property and the loss of its use.
  • Medical Payment Coverage
    If your vehicle is hit by another car, medical payment coverage would pay covered expenses for you and your passengers. This type of insurance is not typically required by states, but is highly recommended as it provided great coverage at an affordable rate. Plus, it doesn’t carry a deductible or copay, so coverage starts on the first dollar incurred. Cost for this coverage is determined by the limit you select.
  • Physical Damage Coverage
    Whether it’s caused by a fender-bender, theft, or colliding with a deer, fixing physical damage to your vehicle can add up. Physical damage coverage pays for damages to a covered vehicle in the event of a collision with another vehicle or object, as well as damage caused by fire, wind, hail, vandalism, theft, broken glass and hitting an animal. Deductibles do apply to this coverage.


Additional Coverage Options

  • Towing and labor
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Loan or lease coverage
  • Replacement Cost

What Discounts Are Available For Auto Insurance?

Enjoy rewards for being a safe driver, and there are also many more discounts available like good student discounts, multiple auto discounts, multi-policy discounts and more. Talk to our agents about discounts you may be eligible for!

Homeowners Insurance

Protect What Matters Most

Homeowners Insurance helps protect your house and your family when the unexpected happens. It covers losses and damages to your personal residence, along with insuring the items that make your residence unique to you, like furniture and other assets within your home.  At The Unland Companies, we understand the value of home, and we want to help you feel safe and secure so that you can focus on the things that matter most. Be sure to ask us about bundling a homeowners coverage plan with your current policy.

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How Does Homeowners Insurance Work And What Options Are Available?

A standard homeowners insurance policy covers four key areas:

  1. Your home’s physical structure as well as other structures like garages or sheds
  2. Your personal belongings  – whether in your home or elsewhere
  3. Temporary living expenses if your house is uninhabitable due to a covered loss
  4. Liability protection if someone is injured or their property is damaged

Many options are available to ensure you are properly covered, based on your individual needs. For instance, you may need to add a rider to your policy to cover valuable items, such as jewelry, guns, collectibles and more. Damages caused by flood and earthquakes are not covered in a standard policy, but additional coverage can be purchased if you live in an area where you would be at risk.

Umbrella Insurance

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

An umbrella is something that opens up at a special time and spreads out to protect you. So, an umbrella insurance policy kicks in when other coverage is exhausted and may cover more things than the regular policy.

Lawsuits are everywhere today. And if an accident happens to be your fault, the judge can award the injured person large sums of money. Sums larger than the limits on your current homeowner, rental, or car insurance policy coverage.

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How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

An umbrella insurance policy gives you added liability protection that goes beyond the limits of your homeowners and auto insurance. Depending on the plan you select, umbrella insurance can add anywhere from $1 million to $10 million in liability coverage. That might seem excessive, but when you start adding up medical bills, rehab, lost income and legal fees… the sum grows surprisingly fast.

How Do I Decide If I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella policies are actually very affordable – despite the staggering amounts of coverage they provide. Umbrella insurance protects you against some situations that aren’t covered by your standard policies.

You’ve worked hard for all you have, now you need to take the steps to ensure everything you worked for is properly protected.

Not convinced you need it? Then do the math. Add up all your assets and compare it to the liability coverage on your home and auto insurance policies. Is it enough to cover? How much of a disaster would it be if some of your assets are uninsured? Don’t take the chance.

Auto, Home, and Umbrella Insurance

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