Benefits in Schools

Benefits in Schools

Benefits in Schools

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At the Unland Companies, one of our specialties is schools, and our experience allows us to understand the unique challenges that our school districts face. We also have the experience and resources available to address those challenges, including account managers, HR consultants, and a benefits attorney.

How can Unland help your district?

Our relationship with GIS Benefits allows us to employ top technology, enrollment, administration and marketing services to our clients.

What are the advantages of working with Unland?

Some of a school’s financial, insurance and HR needs are similar to those of any organization, while others are unique. We provide solid choices for both. Benefits are important to any organization. We can help build an employee benefits package to help you attract top teachers and other important staff. We major in health, dental and vision plans but we also offer many options that are elective, like life insurance and cyber liability insurance.

How can Unland reduce health and wellness costs to our district?

The addition of a wellness program can help keep your employees healthy and your insurance costs under control. If injuries or long-term illness do occur, workers compensation and disability insurance is there. In addition, we use predictive modeling to help determine ways to lower your overall cost.

What about our district’s property/equipment insurance needs?

All of your school district’s buildings, facilities, vehicles, and equipment require full protection, and we can find the right package to properly insure everything at a budget-friendly cost. Click here for a list of school-related specialty insurance options.

At Unland, we understand the unique employee benefits challenges of school districts.

That’s why we’re endorsed by the Illinois Schools Education Benefits Consortium (ISBEC). This relationship enhances our ability to provide additional benefits to your district – saving you time, money and unnecessary headaches.

Our partnership with ISEBC gives you access to:

  • Minimum 10% savings on dental and vision plans
  • Guaranteed match rates for all other ancillary benefits including life insurance
  • Improved communication with teachers and staff

All benefits listed above are available through GIS Benefits, the general agent for the ISEBC benefits program. But when you enroll with Unland, you get more than basic services to help you attract and retain the best teachers and support staff. You get your very own benefits tutor!

Additional resources to serve your district

Unland’s specialization and experience in schools also means we have a number of additional resources available to serve your district. This includes:

  • A full line-up of health insurance products from top companies plus added value products like cyber liability/identity theft, life insurance and more
  • Human Resource and compliance website available to all clients
  • Health insurance attorney for general guidance
  • HR Solutions Division available to vet any additional support needed
  • MyWave Connect Portal with multiple tools, resources, and information
  • Ease, a digital enrollment system to assist with ACA compliance and IRS reporting
  • District wellness programs

When you come on board with Unland, you gain experienced benefits and HR professionals who help you attract top talent, manage costs and assist with HR-related compliance while balancing for risk. Let’s sit down and build a plan together.

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Ready to talk with our Benefit Specialists?

Contact Nate Rugaard at (309) 642-6840 or Our team is standing by to help you with all of your benefit questions.