Why Unland for your Career?

Why Unland Companies for Your Career in Insurance?

If you love talking insurance (and have a pretty good success rate at selling it too), then the Unland Companies wants to talk with you. We’re always looking for proven independent agents to join our team. But why should you join us?  Here are a few facts:

Unland only represents top insurance carriers for commercial and personal property, casualty, and health insurance.

People love options, and we do too! But Unland is pretty selective on the options we offer. We hand pick the insurance carriers we work with – selecting only the best. That means every company we represent has earned superior ratings in the industry and operates at the highest standards. It’s a win for both you and your clients. You’ll only work with top carriers to find the best policies and rates for commercial and personal property insurance, casualty insurance and health insurance.

Unland has earned the reputation of being Central Illinois’ true leader in health insurance and consulting.

Navigating the health insurance market is trickier than ever. Unland has made it our personal mission to help individuals and businesses make sense of it all. Small businesses have turned to us to help explain ever-changing laws and ensure they don’t get tagged with any unnecessary penalties. Plus, individuals look to us as a resource for understanding Marketplace Insurance and any alternatives that are available.

Unland is committed to helping our agents succeed.

Unland isn’t a mega-insurance agency, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t support available to you. We believe in our products and live to share them with our communities. That’s why we offer top notch customer service and support to both you and your customers. In fact, in some ways, we would say our support services are even stronger than larger companies because we know each other (and probably most of your customers) by name and are in touch with what’s going on in our network.

Unland offers easy-to-use tools that make your job easier.

Having tools at your fingertips makes selling insurance products and helping your customers that much simpler. Our agents love the easy-to-use tools we have available such an effective website that fosters the sales funnel, online quote and claim forms, MyWave Connect (your customer’s one-stop resource for employee benefit information powered by ZyWave), and much more.

Unland provides its agents with ongoing training.

We have a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable insurance agencies in Central Illinois. But in order to maintain that, we have to keep everyone up on what’s going on in the industry. We provide ongoing training to all agents as well as occasional workshops that keep your customers informed on changes happening in the market or with their coverage.

Ready to join Unland?

If you love working with people, like to believe in the products you sell, have a solid plan for success and would like to join a top-tier Central Illinois insurance agency, let’s start talking. We’d love to add your talents to our team.