Deluxe Provent ID

Deluxe Provent Identity Restoration Pro from Unland.

Deluxe Provent ID

Protect your employees from the nightmare of fraud and identity theft.

It’s becoming increasingly common for employers to provide identity theft and fraud protection as part of their complete benefits package. And with good reason. Identify theft and fraud happen every day. You’ve seen the stories in the news of people victimized in myriad ways, including data breach, phishing, phone loss, mail theft, and wallet theft. Anyone, no matter how careful they are, can fall victim.

But you can help protect your workforce. With Provent’s Identity Theft Protection, you can provide this great new benefit for only $11 per employee per year. Employees may elect a higher level of protection at their own expense if they wish.

Deluxe Provent’s Identity Restoration Pro includes:

  • Secure Online Storage: EZShield Vault & Wallet for secure digital storage of important data, files and documents with 24/7 online access
  • Education & Prevention, including activity reports and breach alerts
  • End2End Defenses — a 32-step checklist
  • Certified Resolution Specialist
  • Password Manager
  • Optional Upgrades available:
    • Internet Monitoring
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Public Records Monitoring
    • Credit Score Updates
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