Open Enrollment Tools

Open Enrollment Tools

Open Enrollment Tools

Fast, Easy Enrollment.

Is open enrollment slowing down your company’s HR department? Looking to streamline the process and get your employees covered quickly and securely? Now when you go with an Unland employee benefits program, you not only gain access to outstanding benefits specialists to support you — you’ll also get access to Ease, an integrated web solution designed to simplify enrollment!

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What Is Ease?

Ease is an online benefits administration portal available through Unland that allows employees to enroll for company-provided insurance plans without any paperwork, saving them — and your company — time and money. Since 2015, Ease has helped over 2 million employees enroll quickly and securely.

What Are the Benefits of Ease?Open Enrollment Tools


  • Informed decisions: Through Ease, employers can provide cafeteria-style benefits, allowing the employee to choose which benefit plan will best fit their lifestyle. Employees are presented each option side-by-side for comparison, allowing them to make more informed decisions.
  • Rapid enrollment: By eliminating paperwork and allowing employees to not only apply electronically, but also sign any necessary documents using electronic signatures, Ease removes common back-and-forth issues between employers and employees such as missing forms or illegible handwriting. This allows employees to apply for more efficiently. Plus, you can track employees’ progress and send reminders to anyone who hasn’t yet enrolled.
  • 24/7 access: Employers and employees can access Ease at any time to check on the status of open enrollment, receive updates on their coverage, or just pull up their coverage information for reference. All pertinent information is kept in one convenient solution, providing a digital trail that both the employee and employer can reference at any given moment.
Open Enrollment Tools

Security with Ease

Ease requires two-factor authentication for every login, meaning it takes more than just a password to access sensitive information. All uploaded data is encrypted and scanned for viruses and malware. The Ease team regularly runs penetration testing on their cloud-based servers and frequently audits the portal to ensure industry best practices are being followed.

Other Features

  • EaseHR: Features time-off tracking, performance review templates, employee satisfaction surveys, and company KPI tracking.
  • Ease Mobile: With the Ease Mobile App, employees can securely their benefits information anytime, anywhere. Available for iOS and Android.

How Do I Get Started with Ease?

In addition to setting your office up with Ease, the Unland team will be by your side the entire time to help you roll out the portal across your office, as well as for any other questions your team may have.

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Ready to talk with our Benefit Specialists?

Contact Nate Rugaard at (309) 642-6840 or Our team is standing by to help you with all of your benefit questions.