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Here, we try to answer some of our current and prospective customers most frequently asked questions about insurance. If we don’t answer your question or you need more information, give us a call or email us.

Q: Can I get a discount if I get my vehicle and homeowners insurance combined?

A. Smart thinking. Unland Insurance can save you more off the total cost if you combine your policies.


Q: When should I buy life insurance?

A: When you get married, when you have a child, when life happens, before life happens. As with any type of insurance, you never know when you will need it, but you can’t afford not to have it. Upon your passing, life insurance helps your loved ones cover expenses such as funeral costs, outstanding debt, mortgage payments and tuition. Give them peace of mind.


Q: How do I avoid cancellation of my auto insurance policy?

A: Just as you may think: Be the best driver you can be. The most effective way to prevent an insurance company from canceling your policy is to keep your driving record free of accidents, tickets and moving violations.


Q: If I loan my car to a friend or family member, will my car insurance cover them in case of an accident?

A: It will. Liability, comprehensive and collision coverage is connected to your vehicle, not to you. Your vehicle insurance provides the key coverage for injury and damage if someone else is driving the car when a crash occurs.


Q: My son just got his learner’s permit. Does he need car insurance to drive?

A: Yes. He’ll need to be added to your car insurance policy. The law says all drivers must carry insurance. He can get his own insurance if you two prefer.

Q: What does a homeowner’s insurance policy cover?

A: Homeowner policies cover two key areas: property and liability. Property insurance protects your home and your possessions. Personal liability insurance covers any money you must legally pay to someone for actions caused by your property, or you or your family members.


Q: I rent. Doesn’t my landlord’s insurance provide coverage of my belongings in case of theft or damage?

A: The property owner’s insurance only covers the building — not the tenant’s belongings — in most cases. Renter’s insurance is available for as low as $100 per year, a pretty wise investment.

Need More Information?

The Unland Companies’ knowledgeable and friendly staff is always willing to answer any questions you may have about your insurance needs. Call us at (309)347-2177 or contact us today.