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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance from Unland – Fast and Easy.

Health insurance, like any other coverage, protects you and your family. It’s also one that can carry high premiums… and those premiums seem to increase every year after year. Many people get this coverage from their employer, but more and more people are choosing to shop the private market for individual health insurance. So if you’re self-employed, unable to get primary medical insurance through your employer, on Medicare, or simply think your employer premiums are too high, Unland has the answer to affordable healthcare coverage for you.

Get Individual or Family Health Insurance, Designed Specifically for your Needs

This type of coverage is primarily designed for people who don’t have any insurance coverage through their employer or another group. From a comprehensive package with all the bells and whistles to a high deductible plan that is paired with a Health Savings Account, Unland shops hundreds of plan options available on the market for you to deliver an insurance plan that meets your specific situation and budget.

Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance

The name speaks for itself in that this coverage supplements, or makes up for, what Medicare does not cover such as deductibles, coinsurance or co-payment amounts. You are eligible for this coverage if you are 65 and older and enrolled in Medicare, Parts A and B.  You may also choose to add on Medicare Part D coverage for prescription drugs.

What are tax-free Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)?

A great way to keep your insurance costs down is to go with a high deductible plan and a health savings account (HSA). The great thing about HSAs is that you get to save and pay for medical expenses tax-free. That’s right…. you get tax-free deductibles, tax-free earnings and tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses. But the benefits don’t stop there. Whatever you don’t use on medical expenses carries over year after year and can be used for future expenses. Simply put, HSAs let you stretch your dollar, save at tax time and invest in your future – making them a win all around.


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