Three Steps to Preventing Falls

Three Steps to Preventing Falls
July 5, 2022 Unland
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What steps have you taken to mitigating the risk of injury to your employees? Identifying areas of risk around your workplace can keep your workers healthy and save you thousands in worker’s compensation claims. Check out this infographic and learn how to protect your workers.

Identify Potential Fall Risks

Work environment considerations to think about:

  • Scaffolding
  • Height
  • Ladders
  • Walking-working surfaces
  • Equipment (lifts)

Use the Proper Equipment for the Job

  • Personal fall arrest system
  • Equipment (aerial lifts, ladders and box trucks)
  • Guard rails, perimeter warning systems, safety netting

Train Employees on Using the Right Equipment, Tools and Work Practices for the Job

  • Inspection and use of personal fall arrest systems and equipment
  • Emergency response if someone falls
  • Who is in charge of worksite
  • Fall hazards of worksite and how to prevent them
Preventing falls