Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Insurance

Stop, drop and insure.

Landlords – protect your rental homes with affordable fire coverage.

From kitchen fires to electrical blazes, fire is the leading cause for complete loss of property.

If you own a rental property, you want to protect it from fire damage, or total facility loss, with landlord insurance. (It is up to your renters to cover their own personal belonging with a renter’s insurance policy.)

How does Landlord Insurance work?

Landlord insurance is a budget-friendly, special form of a stripped down home insurance.

It doesn’t provide all the coverage options of homeowners insurance but focuses on protecting the building itself in the event of a fire or severe weather damages.

What other things can be covered besides my building?

Additional coverage options are available for this policy as well.

  • Appliances. Do you provide appliances for your tenants? You can add some personal property coverage.
  • Loss of rents. If the home is unoccupied during repairs from a covered loss, you can add Loss of Rents coverage.
  • Bodily injury and property damage. These can also be added to protect your interest in the property.
Landlord Insurance

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