Pet Friendly Employee Benefits Can Help with Recruitment and Retention

Pet Friendly Employee Benefits Can Help with Recruitment and Retention
December 2, 2019 Unland

Dogs aren’t just photogenic fluffballs good for getting likes on social media. They are irreplaceable and important family members to many. Since pets are becoming more intertwined in the lives of people, employees have placed value on workplaces that accommodate their furry loved ones. Considering that roughly 87% of employers say that being pet friendly helps them attract and retain talent, it’s important to know that pet benefits are available for you to offer your employees.

More workplaces are welcoming pets into the office as a way to reduce stress and encourage productivity. Therapy dog services have become increasingly popular as a way to help people dealing with anxiety, or who just need to take their mind off of everyday stressors. If it’s out of question to provide certified therapy dogs for your workplace, you can make sure to establish a welcoming environment for employees to bring their own dogs.

As much as we love having the pups around, you have to be mindful of employees who might be allergic, the clients who wouldn’t include having pets around as part of their idea of professionalism, and the overall cleanliness of your workplace. Consider having specific days where employees can bring in their dogs, making sure to avoid inviting less-than-dog-friendly clients to the office on those days. Designate a “no dog zone” so employees with allergies have a place to escape. Some workplaces have opted for furniture fabrics and flooring better suitable for pet mess, but you should be able to balance pet-friendliness and cleanliness with a couple thoughtful policies.

Offering pet insurance policies to your employees is another way to attract new recruits who are looking for pet-loving workplaces. Unland has partnered up with ASPCA to provide pet insurance to help with the cost of veterinary bills. Learn more about pet insurance options!