Strong Leadership, Changing Roles

Strong Leadership, Changing Roles
August 24, 2016 Unland

Strong Leadership, Changing Roles

Effective January 1, 2016, The Unland Companies continues to build upon its strong leadership, with some of the senior management changing roles.  Although duties may have expanded or changed slightly with some variation in titles, the shifts will be seamless for both customers and employees.

Afton Booth, CIC, CSRM, has become Chairman of the Board. The former President, Afton has been with The Unland Companies for over 35 years in various capacities, including sales, sales management, Vice President and President. Afton is continuing his long-term client relationships, while developing new business opportunities, mentoring existing agents and reaching out to the marketplace for acquisition possibilities that will assist with our non-organic growth plans. Afton is accessible in both the Pekin and East Peoria offices.

Patrick Taphorn, CIC, CSRM, has become President.  A 25-year employee and the former Vice President, Pat has excelled in insurance sales and management. His experience and proven accomplishments with the Unland sales force and other senior management equips him for this leadership position. Pat continues to oversee the growth and success that The Unland Companies has experienced over the last 75 years, while taking on some of the administrative tasks previously handled by Afton Booth.

Bill Shock, CBC, continues as Executive Vice President, but takes on more administrative duties while helping to ensure Pat’s shift is a smooth one. Bill joined forces with The Unland Companies in July of 1989, but also owned and operated The Shock Agency prior to that time. Bill continues his oversight of the Personal Lines Division and Benefits Division for the agency, including assisting and guiding current and future clients toward Affordable Health Insurance products during this challenging era of Healthcare Reform.

Nate Rugaard, CIC, has become Vice President.  Nate has been with the agency since 2013 and has demonstrated a very high level of success in enhancing his technical knowledge of industry policies and risk management while developing a solid client base in which to impart that expertise.  Nate will take over Pat’s responsibilities, wherein he will oversee the existing sales force and develop new talent, while monitoring the overall production for the agency.

“The Unland Companies has been a long-time insurance partner in Central Illinois over the last 75 years. Our employees are exceptional in what they do for our clients, and this service will not change. The shifts in titles and subsequent duties assigned those individuals will position the company very well for further growth, enhancing both our commercial and personal product expertise while expanding our geographic reach. This natural succession will assure that The Unland Companies remains a leader in the insurance industry here in Central Illinois,” Pat shared. “It’s an honor to continue the great work Afton has already begun, and I look forward to working even more closely with Bill, who continues to play a key role in the company’s growth. We are fortunate to have such respected leaders who have selflessly contributed to the company’s vision, along with dedicated, professional employees who have helped to create the superior service The Unland Companies provides to our many clients.”

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