E2E Repeal & Replace - Prepare for Change
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Wednesday April 12, 2017 10:00am-2:00pm
Pekin Country Club

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Health Insurance continues to be a valuable employee benefit. But as the Marketplace rates continue to go up, fewer choices are available. Change in some form or another is coming. To help you prepare for the changes proposed for the “Repeal and Replacement” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Unland Companies is hosting a one-day E2E seminar.

Why attend?

If you are an employer that currently sponsors a health plan as part of your employee benefit plan, this E2E seminar is for you. Our goal is to help you understand the options being considered, not sway you to see a particular point of view. By attending, you will:

  • Obtain the latest, accurate information on the current and anticipated provisions being considered.
  • Listen to what other employers are considering.
  • Review the technical support and services available for administration of a benefit plan.
  • Become better informed on how your current plan compares to others — benchmarking.
  • Gain a better understanding of how the benefit landscape may change in 2018.
  • Learn what you do not know and where to access the knowledge.

Key Talks & Discussions

Erik Christian  

10:00 AM – Current and Pending HR Compliance Issues

Erik Christian, HR Professional

Erik has a wealth of experience working with private, public and non-profit employers on improving their core HR functions. Erik will talk about: The DOL and You, Wage an Hour status and Key HR initiatives.


10:40 AM -- ACA Repair or Replace: Where are We and Where We Might Go

James Slotnick, JD, Sun Life Financial

James has been helping employee benefit brokers, financial advisors, and the end-consumer understand the everchanging insurance industry for over a decade. He will discuss: what “Replace” might mean, how might it affect employers, when might we expect the first provisions to be announced and other thoughts pursuant to national health care.

Mike Reier  

11:50 AM – Corporate and Community Wellness

Mike Reier, CEO, Benovate Holdings

Mike brings his 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneurial, sales, and technology sector leader to us over a working lunch. Mike works with over 130 Reier Group clients as a change agent, helping organizations effectively develop, assess and deploy marketing and sales solutions to help drive revenue growth.

Larry Grudzien  

12:30 PM -- What to Expect and How You Might Deal with It

Larry Grudzien, JD, LLM, Benefit Attorney

Larry is an attorney practicing exclusively in the field of employee benefits. He has experience in dealing with qualified plans, health and welfare, fringe benefits and executive compensation areas. Larry will talk to us about: PPACA’s current and future points of guidance and compliance , what “replace” will mean, reporting and planning opportunities, wellness and self-funding planning opportunities, the future of state and private insurance exchanges, and if community based rating will go away.


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