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Large or small, Unland takes every homeowners claim seriously.

Homeowners insurance isn’t restricted to times of disaster. Sure, all of us are thankful to have it when we see homes destroyed by fires, tornados, or even hurricanes, but most claims result from more common occurrences. Wind and hail damage to your house, theft of your personal belongings, and unauthorized credit card charges can all be covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. It’s our job at Unland Companies to not only make sure you are fully covered but to also help you understand how and when to use your policy.

How does homeowners insurance work and what options are available?

A standard homeowners insurance policy covers four key areas:

  1. Your home’s physical structure as well as other structures like garages or sheds
  2. Your personal belongings  - whether in your home or elsewhere
  3. Temporary living expenses if your house is uninhabitable due to a covered loss
  4. Liability protection if someone is injured or their property is damaged

Within these areas, you have the ability to add additional coverage or elect to not cover certain situations, like anything that happens off-premises. Damages caused by flood and earthquakes are not covered in a standard policy, but additional coverage can be purchased if you live in an area where you would be at risk. You may also add a rider to your policy to cover valuable items like jewelry, guns, collectibles and more. Should anything happen that falls under your homeowners insurance policy, all you have to do it contact the claims representative at Unland and we’ll take care of the rest.

Home Insurance, we're on it!

How can I easily inventory my belongings?

Having a home inventory on file is a great way to help expedite the claims process should anything ever happen. There are many different ways you can make your list – from following our inventory checklist  to taking photos or video and visually cataloging your belongings with written notes or commentary included on the age and cost of each item. There is also a couple of great online tools that help you create your inventory online – and they are absolutely FREE!

SortlyTM Inventory Software
This software makes creating and updating your inventory easy and efficient. Plus, their secure online storage allows you to access your inventory list anywhere, any time. Available at

My Home
Quickly captures images, descriptions and serial numbers of prized possessions.  This app allows you to organize information by room or category and even creates a back-up file for email sharing. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

The task may seem daunting – because let’s face it, we all have more than we realize once you start writing it down – but once you determine the type of inventory that works for you, it will start coming together in no time. And, the end result is well worth the effort! We recommend going room by room, but you can also go category by category, newest to oldest, or even most expensive to least expensive items in your home. Regardless of which option or method you choose to create your inventory, once you have it complete, make sure you store it in a safe place OUTSIDE of your home. Also, whenever you make a significant new purchase, remember to add it to your list while it is fresh in your mind.

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