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Employees are your most valuable asset... Unland helps ensure they are.

You could have the best product in the world or one of the most unique service offerings, but without your employees... you’d have a hard time getting and keeping customers. That’s why it is essential to have business practices and employee benefits in place that ensure you keep your employees happy.

Human Resource Solutions

Unland offers two unique services to small & mid-sized businesses. The first – our Human Resource solutions – helps you as the business owner. Need an employee handbook created? We can do it. Need to put some new policies in practice so employees know you handle situations fairly? We do that too! The list is endless in how our Human Resource specialists can fill the void and make your job easier.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits & Financial Services

The second service we offer we offer affects employee satisfaction and retention directly in the form of comprehensive employee benefits and financial services. Need better rates for your group health insurance? Let us give you options. Want a self-insured plan? Ask us how to get started. Want to make your employee benefits even sweeter? Unland walks you through the best options for your business.

We know the right benefits to attract the right employees

Want to Talk with our Human Resource Specialist?

We are standing by to help you with any HR or employee benefit questions you have. Call 800-747-3241 to talk to an insurance agent about business insurance right now or email us directly.

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