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A dazzling smile is great, but what if you could get more from your Dental Plan? Well now you can, thanks to The College Tuition Benefit® Rewards – another exceptional solution from Unland.

What is The College Tuition Benefit® Rewards?

With The College Tuition Benefit® Rewards, you can earn Tuition Rewards® that can be used to pay up to one year’s tuition at SAGE Scholar colleges – that includes over 330 private colleges and universities across the nation.  This great offer is free with any Guardian® Dental Plan subscription from Unland.

What you can I expect from The College Tuition Benefit® Rewards?

  • $2,000 tuition rewards for every dental plan subscriber with the registration of an eligible student or students, including children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.
  • $500 Tuition Rewards® for every registered student.
  • $2,000 additional Tuition Rewards® annually, in the month following plan renewal.
  • $2,500 bonus Tuition Rewards® to the subscriber following the plan’s third renewal (4th year), totaling $4,500 in rewards for that year.

  Policy Year

  Subscriber Reward*

  Subscriber’s Reward Balance

  Initial Registration, Subscriber & Student Rewards

  $2,500 ($2,000 $500)








  $4,500 (Bonus Year)











College Tuition Benefit Rewards graphic - Unland Companies

This example shows how the program would help a 12-year-old in the family of a Guardian dental subscriber. If the registered student attends a participating SAGE Scholar College, the tuition will be reduced by $17,000 spread evenly over four years.

What should I know?

Before you get started earning those Tuition Rewards, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This is offer is available through your Guardian® Dental Plan.
  • Subscribers should receive a Welcome email as notification that an online account has been established, following Dental Plan enrollment. If you fail to receive this email, contact
  • Failure to login to account for 6 months may result in a reduction in rewards.
  • All students must be registered by August 24th of their 11th grade year
  • All accrued Tuition Rewards® will remain in the subscriber’s account until they are pledged to a Registered Student.
  • To use Tuition Rewards®, the subscriber must go online and transfer Tuition Rewards® to the Registered Student before August 24th  of the year he or she enters 12th grade.
  • Maximum rewards per student cannot exceed one year’s tuition.

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